Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Venom.

Words like influential get thrown about quite a lot these days but when it comes to Newcastle upon Tyne veterans Venom, that is the word that is fit and proper. As they rose to fame in the early 80’s, their first pair of albums are ones which impacted not only Thrash, Death and Extreme Metal Worlds but also that of Black Metal, partly because at the time their sound was far faster and harsher than anything else around. They released a raft of stand alone singles as well as EPs in those early years, one of which was the 1984 classic “Warhead“, which later on appeared on several deluxe edition re-issues. A nightmarish hell ride with barely comprehendible lyrics with Cronos sounding like a his head is about to do a complete 360 and projectile vomit over everything in sight as he shrieks and groans through sludgey riffs and pounding war drums.

In the red corner we have Antropomorphia who formed in 1989 to play Death Metal in the Netherlands. From “Bowel Mutilation” to “Merciless Savagery“, their love of the Ocult has kept them waging war on the World. In the blue corner we have the legendary Melvins who got Neurosis Scott Kelly to join them for their version with a clever animated video directed by Kyle Westbrook. Who Wins?! You decide!

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