NEWS: Foul Body Autopsy in… “Like A Phantom Of The Heart”!

World Mental Health Day, 10th October, will see the release of a new EP from Tom Reynolds project Foul Body Autopsy entitled “Consumed By Black Thoughts“. As the title suggests, the record is about struggles with Mental Illness from a giving a powerful, personal perspective with as a new video for the emotive track “Like A Phantom Of The Heart” reviled today. The EP is mixed and mastered by the legend that is  Russ Russell (AmorphisAt The GatesDimmu Borgir) and available for pre-order here.

Speaking about the new song, Tom said “It’s about unrequited love and how it makes you only want what you can’t have and only what brings you pain. It’s kind of a warning song about not wasting your time fixating on something that makes you miserable.

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