Bootleg: Killswitch Engage in Chicago!

This revelation is the death of ignorance, Tangled in a state of suffocation, Slave to self righteousness, Damnation is on your lips, From sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution, From sorrow to serenity, its on your head, This is my last serenade, I feel you as you fall away, This is my last serenade, From yourself you can’t run away

Filmed from the barricade twin camera style on 15th May 2002 at The Metro in Chicago Illinois, here’s a full six song set from Killswitch EngageĀ including “Numbered Days“, “Temple From The Within” and “Fixation On The Darkness“. It’s from that debut album run just before Jesse Leach exited the band and was replaced by Howard Jones and a show that saw them share the stage with Soilwork, Scar Culture and Hypocrisy.

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