NEWS: Ysgaroth march “Forward Unto Death”!

Initially starting life as Kurt Steigler’s Black Metal studio project, Ysgaroth grew Extreme Metal wings with a desire to perform the songs live and with Steve Cuddington (drums) and Shawn Hillman (bass) on board the band have set 13th November 2020 for their debut record “Storm Over a Black Sea” to be unleashed from their Canadian basement. They now consider themselves a Progressive Extreme Metal band conjured from the influences of Black Metal roots on 80’s Death Metal, 90’s Thrash with Sludge, Post-Metal and even Hardcore in the mix to form a vicious hybrid. What does that sound like? Here’s single “Forward Unto Death” so you can find out!

The band comments about the guests on the song: “We had already reached out to our friends Jessie Grace and Erik Leonhard of KOSM about having them on the album, and we wanted to do something a little bit different with ‘Forward Unto Death’ by having Jessie sing the chorus. The lyrics on this one are about as straightforward as we can get: we’re killing the Earth more every second of every day, and we only ourselves to blame for the extinction of thousands of species, the absolute shattering of the world, but at least the stock market went up.”

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