NEWS: Ysgaroth prepare us for the “Storm Over a Black Sea”!

Vancouver’s Ysgaroth are releasing their debut album “Storm Over a Black Sea” on 13th November and it is rife with vicious riffs and thought-provoking atmosphere. The first single to entice listeners is “Sacred”, which contains a simple message: despite its imperfections, life is beautiful. The world we’ve been given is an amazing thing that should be protected and celebrated, and we owe it everything we are and have. The cycle of life and death is so much greater than any single person, and it is the one constant that we can rely on. We are born from the ashes of the old, and so will the new be born from the ashes of ourselves.

Ysgaroth comment on how the track came to be: “Unlike most Ysgaroth songs that come from the verses being written first, the chorus was actually the first piece of this song that we came up with. Sacred also slowly got faster and faster as we started practicing it until it became the thrash-influenced ripper it is today.”

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