Review: “Orbital Decay” by Solarhead

Recorded over the course of a couple of weeks in home studios in Indianapolis and Franklin, Indiana, “Orbital Decay” marks the debut EP from Alternative Metallers Solarhead, who launched themselves on an unsuspecting World in July 2020. The band consist of the duo of Jason Emry (vocals) and Bob Hamilton (guitars) who are have been writing together for many years and previously released an album under the moniker Abominaut in 2018 with Michael O’Brien on bass and Ben Resler on drums before starting this new project.

Finding their sound in that early 2000’s end of Metal, part Nu-Metal and part Pantera influenced, “Wrong Reasons” is a shot in the arm of early Groove Metal with hints at the kind of work that bands like Dry Kill Logic and The Deadlights created way back when. Using multiple voices and vocal styles gives plenty to listen to within each track of “Orbital Decay“, blending unclean power with mumbling moments and solid grunge style cleans. “Beckoning Demons” continues the style trend with some Stone Temple Pilots esq moments, giving the impression of a pair of vocalists or someone with impressive range. It’s one which wears it’s influences on its sleeve and helps make for a varied and interesting listen, while never straying too far from the bands core sound thanks to sharing the same crunchy cornflake guitar tone. “Inside The Sun” builds on the foundations, the clean vocal parts giving sing-a-long ability while the uncleans are a clenched fist of defiance. While there is a certain amount of introspection to the lyrics, they sit behind a metaphorical drop so as not to be obviously in your face. Instrumental “Devolver” is a creepy science fiction horror soundscape that shows what the band can do with atmosphere should they so choose and bodes well for their future before the finale that is “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” brings the house down. A no regrets, all or nothing shot at the ring that rages along nicely with a pounding rhythm, it’s a clenched fist of defiance that echoes the sentiment. A release that is full of promise, the band are already working on a follow up entitled “Repulsar” [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Wrong Reasons
  2. Beckoning Demons
  3. Inside The Sun
  4. Devolver (Instrumental)
  5. Coulda Shoulda Woulda

Orbital Decay” by Solarhead is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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