Review “Inside Insanity” EP by BS Bone

Italian Alternative Stoner trio Vyper (bass, lead vocals), Steve Grind (guitars) and Leo (drums, backing vocals) formed in the summer of 2017, citing Kyuss, Nirvana and Skid Row among their influences. They recorded their self produced debut EP for an October 2019 release, giving it the title “Inside Insanity“…

…As you might expect given the influences the Classic Stoner Rock riff of “I Don’t Give A F***” sees the band occupying territory not too dissimilar to the likes of Nebula. The pacing is up tempo with while the riff could easily be the backing music of a motorcycle burning rubber across a deserted desert road to the nearest watering hole. The vocals from Vyper are a little on the high pitched side and might take some getting used to but if you’ve heard the original Deadlights record, it won’t be an issue. What’s done really well on this opening cut is the progression into some heavier fuzzed up breakdown riffs that appear at the back end of the track. “99 Lions In A Cage” returning to a Classic Rock sound after a Punk leaning opening, there is a “So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes” era NoFx quality to the guitar attack while the drum sound is impressive for what the band consider to be a “demo”, though the whole thing has a great live in session feel. “Dysfunctional Souls” raises the energy with some faster licks and incorporates a group vocal that rounds out the sound. A face melting solo almost goes off the rails but is pulled back just in time and ends up being a stand out moment. “Rant” has a Backyard Babies vibe to it, snotty nosed rebellious Punk feel surrounded by downtuned Rock n’ Roll riffs. No doubts about the influences on the band and if it wasn’t for the vocals, they could well be from the US. If you’re after something that has a swagger then this is it [7/10]

Track listing

  1. I Don’t Give A F***
  2. 99 Lions In A Cage
  3. Dysfunctional Souls
  4. Rant

Inside Insanity” by BS Bone is out now

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