Review: “Symptoms of Modern Hegemony” by Scary Hours

A schizophrenically diverse record, “Symptoms of Modern Hegemony” from Scary Hours is the product of its genes and influences, one that wears its heart upon its sleeve from the very start. It drags you along in a tidal wave of important messages that slap you in the face from every direction both lyrically and vocally

Review: “Vacuumed Half To Deaf” by Plants

An explosively energetic Punk Rock trio based in Sydney New South Wales, Plants are the kind of band who pull the pin out before handing you a grenade just for s***s and giggles, creating music with an Aussie sense of humour that falls between Blink 182 and My Latest Failure. They made their debut with

Review “Inside Insanity” EP by BS Bone

Italian Alternative Stoner trio Vyper (bass, lead vocals), Steve Grind (guitars) and Leo (drums, backing vocals) formed in the summer of 2017, citing Kyuss, Nirvana and Skid Row among their influences. They recorded their self produced debut EP for an October 2019 release, giving it the title “Inside Insanity“… …As you might expect given the