Review: “Nails” by The Silence Between Us

Bridging the gap between Deathcore, Death Metal and Metalcore are The Silence Between Us from Venice Italy. As bands like Whitechapel and Betraying the Martyrs are moving away from their roots and demonstrating there is more to them than meets the eye, The Silence Between Us are aiming to go straight in at that level and to do so they’ve used the talents of former SikTh vocalist Justin Hill (Betraying the Martyrs, Heart of a Coward, Polar) to do the Mastering. The quartet comprises guitarist Salvatore Palomba, vocalist Federico Cardazzo, bassist and clean vocalist Chiara Zanon  and drummer Marco Perviero, although Samuele Dei Rossi was the man behind the kit for the studio sessions of this recording…

… Instrumental “Altas” slowly builds with a piano before drums and synths to create a cinematic tension filled opening akin to the work of Winds of Plague of old before “Distant and Cold” thunders in like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the strains of the introduction buried beneath the blast beats and banshee whale vocals of the opening verse. Some big DJent riffs come flying out from under some more traditional Metal guitar work with breakdowns in different styles piled on top of each other. Federico Cardazzo has a phenomenal vocal range and the manges to crowbar the full suite into the opener proper. A haunting eerie atmospheric riff underpins some powerhouse DJent as the EP title track kicks in with an almost spoken word that reaches a scream pretty damn quick. The energy and enthusiasm of the Samuele Dei Rossi on the kit is evident throughout this album but more so here as the sonics bounce between the achingly beautiful piano parts and the bludgeoning rhythm bridge sections with an unexpected “Beligh!” adding a charm. The clean vocals from Chiara Zanon turn The Silence Between Us into… Well imagine that Cradle of Filth were a Technical Deathcore band and you get the picture. The technical aspects in each track nuance over repeated listens, the scaling of the guitar work for example as everything is delivered at a neck snapping pace.

Dropping things down a notch for the introduction of “Lungs” and some melody that lasts for just a moment, the kit work underneath suddenly becomes huge and we are returned to some ferocious throat shredding vocals. The clever use of pitch in the vocal styling gives the impression that there is more than one lead vocalist in The Silence Between Us and fortunately there is enough time between the vocal changes to breathe. This cut is a battering ram that drops out for a couple of classical Metal moments but really wants to bludgeon you into submission. Preceeding single “Dear Dad” features so Fit For An Autopsy influenced guitar work but also some bass heavy jazzy flourishes of lead work while the return of the clean backing vocals in a more prominent state adds a touch of sparkle to an otherwise gloriously heavy tune. Instrumental “Degma” is a piece of melodic work that could easily have replaced “Atlas” as the opening tune or simply been incorporated into “Bury Me Alive”. The final tune offers some classic Death Metal moments with the roar of Cardazzo sounding like a sea monster that that’s just arrived from the depths to crush you. Another heavily blast beat oriented tune, it’s also got a serious volume of breakdowns in the mix with Palomba’s guitar work shining at each and every opportunity. Name the style and not only does it appear here but he has it nailed down [8/10].


1. Atlas (Instrumental)
2. Distant and Cold
3. Nails
4. Lungs
5. Dear Dad
6. Degma (Instrumental)
7. Bury Me Alive

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