The Black Map #130: This Is Endless from London!

In this weeks Black Map entry in our Black Book of the UK Underground Metal scene we pay tribute to those musicians who have an insatiable appetite for Metal and in their careers have been in multiple bands and projects, filled in for other bands to allow them to tour and generally love every second. We salute you! So today we return to London and a quintet of old school Death Metal fans who have been and are members of Akercocke, Ted Maul, Dripback, Voices, Dead Beyond Buried, Meta-Stasis, Concept (live), Corpsing, Pantheist, The Order Of Apollyon, As She Screams, Labrat, Bull-Riff Stampede, Onslaught, Wakeham’s Terrortory and Hellbastard (live) to name but a few. Who are we talking about? We’re talking about This Is Endless! Forming circa 2016 for a debut EP called “Inherit The Sin” they blended both elements and ideologies of Hardcore into a Death Metal juggernaut, whilst never forgetting the undercurrent of groove in the Hardcore of their roots, paying homage to the genre with the appearance of none other than Biohazard guitarist Bobby Hambel for the affair.

2020 saw the band get back together together, adding James Perry from Ted Maul and Onslaught on Drums and Mike Lee from Dead Beyond Buried on second Guitar as John Biscombe from Dead Beyond Buried who played Drums on the “Inherit The Sin” EP had since immigrated to Thailand (where he teaches yoga and spiritual drumming on DMT) and Pete Benjamin who played second guitar back then also exited stage left, this time to concentrate on his band Voices. The result was “Formations of a World Below” created with the legendary Russ Russel (Napalm Death, At The Gates, Evile), using imagery that crafts a malevolent Clive Barker inspired Universe with the influences of the likes of Cannibal CorpseSuffocation and Carcass to create a blend of Death Metal, Grind and Hardcore to be consumed like a fine wine…


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