Documentary: Pre-Production Episode #4 with Cold Snap!

Using Solar Guitars, InTune Guitar Picks, Blackstar Amplification and Bosphorus Cymbals, Croatian six-piece Cold Snap have bee filmed and edited by Mara Prpić at studio F***ord, Zagreb undertaking pre-production for their next release. A decade after the band started working together, it might be called “Solitude“…

The band comment: “Before we enter the studio and record new songs we like to do a bit of pre-production. When we write songs first we demo the structure, then we polish them by adding drums, samples, trying out different song arrangements and testing different vocal lines. In this episode Jan is recording some fresh vocals for upcoming songs. This concludes pre-production phase of our writing process. Now we will listen to new songs over and over and polish everything to perfection before we enter studio and record them. This is what it feels like to be a part of Cold Snap.

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