Interview: Avatar fan Q&A with Sylvia Massy!

Sylvia Massy, the producer who worked with Avatar on their 2016 album “Of Feathers & Flesh” has been the fans choice for interviewing vocalists Johannes Eckerström as he answers questions from those very fans on subjects from Shotguns to Microphones and Parachutes. All this comes ahead of the bands hugely ambitious set of 4 streams set for January 2021.

The schedule of Avatar Ages – An Impossible Concert Experience concert stream events is as follows:

9th – Age of Dreams (Hunter Gatherer from start to finish plus Avatar’s biggest songs)

16th – Age of Illusions (Feathers & Flesh and Avatar Country fan voted set list)

23rd – Age of Madness (Black Waltz and Hail the Apocalypse fan voted set list)

30th – Age of Memories (Thoughts of No Tomorrow, Schlacht and Avatar fan voted set list)

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