Review: “Civilizations Coma” by Synastry

The return of much loved acts after a long absence can bring with it mixed emotions; if there are line up changes the immediate question is what will the band sound like after so long away; will they be able to pick up where they left off and of course are they here to stay. Most of those questions aren’t even answerable by the band of themselves as they make their return. Montreal natives Synastry rose to prominence in the early 2000’s, taking the underground scene by storm and climbed the Myspace ranks. Touring religiously they released a pair of records in 2006’s “Pallets Of My New World”  and 2008’s “Blind Eyes Bleed” before going dormant four years on. Now, nearly a decade later, they have returned with a line up consisting of Paul Iverson (Guitar), Gary Vee (Bass), Kay Kessler (Drums) and James Aniston (Vocals).

Taking their name from the comparison between the horoscopes of two or more people in order to determine their likely compatibility and relationship, Synastry had the ability to combine elements of Thrash, Death and Industrial Metal to create music heavy on atmosphere and crushing consequences. Lyrics came from Aniston’s  impression of the world and his experiences and nothing on either of those scores have changed. “Civilization’s Coma” plunges into you like a meat hook with nauseating, barely audible samples and concrete slab after concrete slab of gargantuan riffs, the kind of material you might expect from a mid career Fear Factory or Slipknot but with that much more bite because Aniston’s vocals are so much more Death Metal. The hammer blow that is “Dead to Me” was the first single, front loaded with schizophrenic riffs and jack hammer footwork Synastry have wasted no time in delivering something that is straight to the point with vicious intent. There is even time for blast beats and some Godflesh inspired industrial noises that frame and enhance segments. Aniston has the power to manipulate his voice to create a number of different voices with the use of pitching and on the ripper that is “Narcomancy“, he sounds like he’s going slowly insane. Bolstering the chorus section with some understated synths is the ideal replacement for a solo within an industrial tinged act and this concludes the tour de force. Hopefully, this is just the beginning, a taste of what the band can offer going forward with a full length record [8/10]

Track listing

1. Civilization’s Coma (3:49)
2. Dead to me (2:17)
3. Narcomancy (4:41)

Civilizations Coma” by Synastry is out November 27th and should be available over at bandcamp

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