NEWS: Dark The Suns look for Ghosts… “Everywhere”!

Multi-instrumentalist duo Mikko Ojala (Vocals, guitars, drums) Inka Ojala (Bass, Keyboards) form Dark The Suns, a Finnish Melodic Dark Metal act who have unveiled a third single to follow “Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä” and “Seeker” in 2020. Taken from their upcoming fourth studio album which is to be released in 2021 via Inverse Records, it is simply called “Everywhere“.

This is one of my favourite songs in the new album. Everywhere includes melancholic and at the same time catchy melodies, beautiful and emotional piano themes and heavy guitars – the elements that are essential in our music.” – Inka

”Everywhere-single includes lots of beautiful piano melodies and heavy guitar riffs. I like very much the beautiful and melancholic atmosphere in the song.” – Mikko

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