NEWS: Demonstealer recording new material!

One Man project Demonstealer may have only released the crowdfunded EP “And This Too Shall Pass” on 11th December 2020 but Sahil Makhija is already back in the kitchen and cooking up a storm. He’s shared this video clip of Jazz fusion drummer Gino Banks recording along with the story of how the he came to be involved with the project.

Demonstealer comment: “Well the cats out of the bag! I am collaborating on a song with none other than the incredible Gino Banks!!! This song will also feature the incredible Mohini Dey on bass. Gino is one of the top Jazz/Fusion drummers in India and it’s an absolute honour! In May Gino randomly tweeted about playing drums on music sent to him and I asked if he wanted a metal track to which he said yes! And then next thing you know here we are a couple of months later with this incredible song coming together. I have known Gino for years now through Furtados and the music scene and I’ve always wondered what we could do together musically and I am so stoked this vision has come to fruition. Funny story, I first heard of Gino Banks through my old band mate Jaivir from Reptilian Death maybe in 2003 or so who went to the same school as Gino and described him as this ‘awesome drummer who played Megadeth’. And here we are today

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