NEWS: Drown In The Abyss premier “Rising From The Tides”!

Co-Produced by Chris Wiseman (Shadow of Intent, Currents) and Mixed and Mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy), Québec, Canadian duo Drown In The Abyss have released the title track of their upcoming 2021 debut album “Rising From The Tides“. Broadly a concept release lyrically themed around huge creatures of the abyss invading dry land, it promises to be a Symphonic Deathcore masterpiece.

Guitarist Alexandre Lavoie comments on the process: “This has been a pretty long process because of some life events, but a very fun and informative one. I used to produce Hip-Hop beats and this is way different. In Hip-Hop, everything is a pattern that repeats itself with minor changes in different sections, in metal, it’s a whole new level of production. You have so many things to write, arrange, and mix. This was for me, a big learning experience and this album is going to help me a lot on my producing / mixing journey

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