NEWS: Ephemerald are getting warmed up with “No Fall Is Too Deep”!

Almost a month after the impressive first single from the upcoming Ephemerald debut album “Between the Glimpses of Hope” surfaced in the form of “Servant” with the record slated for 19th  February 2021 via Inverse Records, would you Adam and Eve it but we’ve been treated to a second single in “No Fall Is Too Deep“. Given how good the first one was, we have to say this epic and furious beast is one we are very much looking forward to from a group of seasoned musicians who have appeared in Frosttide, Vorna, Apocryfal and Prayed and Betrayed previously. Those all important pre-orders are available here.

The band comment: ”Between the Glimpses of Hope” album tells a story about countless new beginnings and attempts to break free from the shackles of the past. Yet if it’s mainly the external factors which are changing without a profound attempt to improve yourself, there’s often a familiar darkness lurking in the shadows after the first rays of dawn have withered away. ”No Fall Is Too Deep”, however, has an optimistic approach to this theme and suggests it is possible to overcome any hardship.

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