Review: “Self Inflicted” by Hang Tough

Just 10 weeks after their April released debut album “Hate District“, Los Angeles Californian Beatdown Hardcore act Hang Tough have returned with a sophomore record. Entitled “Self Inflicted“, it is a three track offering that has been mixed and mastered by Nuremberg Germany’s Downforce Recordings (Spawn of Disgust, Shot Done Won).

Ripping opening cut “Self Inflicted” starts with an arty sample “we don’t make up for our sins in the Church, we do it at home…” before bouncing Slam riffs off the walls with a Hardcore themed vocal. Part Downtempo groove, part hate fueled rant, this one is pure filth and at 87 seconds it’s over before it’s started. It’s not some Nu-Metal introspective but a full on stompy rager that asks you what you’re made of and then spits in your face. “D.G.B.N” continues the abrasive riffs with Slam tones against a run of hardcore vocals with a certain amount of rap flow. The beefing up of the Beatdown Hardcore sound is inspired and immediate pit fodder with the Downtempo rolls and pace changes making some swift moves on the scene. The oddly titled “Tall Can” is an anti-establishment fury filled ripper, that has a distinctive flavour of an American version of Street Soldier about it. The riffs are skull crushing, the vocals are rabid dogs of war and the everyone is a target. This stop gap release has a lot to say for itself and should find your turning on to the bands “Hate Department” album pretty damn quick [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Self Inflicted
  2. D.G.B.N
  3. Tall Can

Self Inflicted” by Hang Tough is out now and available over at bandcamp

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