Review: “Paralysis” EP by Our Divinity

Female fronted Alternative five piece hailing from Liverpool, Our Divinity released their debut three track  EP “Paralysis” at the beginning of November and managed to land an opening slot at the Liverpool date of the SikTh & Loathe UK tour. Having only started out towards the end of 2017 as a band, after just a year of life, what do they sound like?

“Paralysis” gets things going with Zara Saunders sumptuous vocals while Danny Boland’s continuous lead guitar work adds a fine finesse to everything. The lyrical tale of love to the point of obsession is well told and sounds fresh with a controlled amount of raw emotion in the mix. Recording with Loic Giallard at the production helm has lead to a fantastic drum sound that would be the envy of any number of heavier bands. There is a real drive and energy to the song with a Pop-Punk attitude but the leads add the sort of brightness you get from more progressive band. “Desire” continues the driven energetic vibe during its introduction before dropping down to bass and vocals only and gradually building up to the chorus. The drop for the second verse keeps the drums going while the guitar is minimal. There is a real quality of musicanship on show as Saunders continues her tale of a relationship that is pulling her emotions around. It has a hook and flow to it that is really inviting. “Remedy” maintains that flow and energy musically while having far more introspective lyrics that have Nu-Metal leanings. The likes of Flyleaf are perhaps an influence while fans of Dream State should be able to sink their teeth into this one. There is plenty on offer here and you’re only real complaint would be that at 3 tracks it’s a bit short. But what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality! [7/10]

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