NEWS: Cell Press get drunk and pass out…

Montreal’s Cell Press are a band of well seasoned musicians seasoned musicians, known for their works with the likes of The Great Sabatini, Biipiigwan, I Hate Sally and Architect who unleashed their debut EP back in November. They’ve premiered a hilarious dime store budget video for “Blacked Out In Verdun” which sees them put visuals to one of the stand out cuts from that piece of Sludge ridden Noise Metal angst.

“This EP sorta sums up what we’re about at this particular moment. Genre people might not be satisfied with our lack of adherence to any one sound for too long, but we didn’t make these songs for those sorts of people. This ep is designed as a broad introduction to the band, and new listeners will hopefully anticipate what else is coming down the pipe in the future. It upholds the high standards Cell Press sets for themselves and each song is quite different from the others.” says the band.

Guitarist Sean Arsenian elaborates on how the video came to be: “My co-worker Morgan Hunt walked into DFA Tattoos for Halloween wearing the llama mask you see in the video. I immediately recruited him to help me with the vague idea I had for it… and then we made him fall down a bunch of times. We paid for his wine, and that was the entire 20$ budget for the video. Morgan found the trash heap to lay down in at the end of the video and did so with zero prompting from us. He’d worked hard that day and deserved a rest.”

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