NEWS: Lam head for abject “Ruin”!

… with debut EP “Liber K” set for an 11th February release, Lam have released their debut single “Ruin” to all major online streaming platforms. A quartet geographically split between Méribel, France and Warrington in the United Kingdom, that features Mike Pilat on lead vocals (from acclaimed Swiss metal band Herod, ex The Ocean), George Whalley (Broohaha, Gotts Street Park) on drums, Ben Vickers and James Beedham on guitar and bass play a chaotic blend of Alternative Metal.

The name ‘Lam’ comes from an entity encountered by occultist Aleister Crowley in the 1910’s, during a ritual known as the Amalantrah Working. Lam is said to have passed through from another dimension and a portrait drawn of the entity after the event, went on to become the visual archetype for the ‘Gray’ aliens in modern popular culture.

The band comment: “Debut single Ruin was written and recorded in the first Covid-19 lockdown on a cold bare mountain side in the French Alps. The track lyrically deals with oppression, failure and humanity’s decline. The video for Ruin has been edited together using Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 film ‘Häxan’, which explores ideas and imagery found in Witchcraft, Satanism and Demonology

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