NEWS: Them Bloody Kids. On The Roof again.

Putting their name in lights, Them Bloody Kids, an Alternative Metal Trio from London have announced 23rd April 2021 for the release of their debut Justin Hill (SikTh, Bury Tomorrow, Heart Of A Coward) produced album “Radical Animals“. Known for confrontational and often politically charged lyrics that accompany raw, stoner doom-edged rock riffs, groovy nu metal rhythms, the band have thrown us “Do What You Do” from the rooftop upon which it was filmed…

“Do What You Do discusses the idea of depression and the day-to-day struggle of someone trying to keep his life together while it’s coming apart at the seams,” says Sebastian Moederle-Lumb. “The idea with this track was to get into the mindset of myself when I am the most depressed and just fed up with life. Trying to convert that into a track was quite challenging, but I am happy with the way we portrayed the story in the video.”

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