Review: “Lessons Through Pain” EP by Ripped Away

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Aten at The Attic and with artwork by Mark De Gruchy at Landmine Designs, “Lessons Through Pain” was released in August 2018 and marks the debut EP from Scranton Pennsylvania Hardcore act Ripped Away. Since it’s appearance, they’ve gained a reputation for a high energy live show and followed it up with a three track entitled “Redemption Strike” and won the Hardcore/Punk act of the year for 2019 in the Steamtown Music Awards.

From the opening cries of “Ripped A-way!” and clean Hardcore chugged tones it’s obvious that Ripped Away have old school hardcore roots with the likes of Sick Of It All and Agonistic Front perhaps being an influence. “Turncoat” is your classic NYHC bruiser of an introduction to the band that includes that classic slow down and guitar squeal moment in its breakdown. There is just time for a single verse so they make it count like a punch in the face. “Habit” changes up pacing with a Punk fueled opening and they’re not afraid to drop the guitars out and let the bass do the talking before the breakdown pile up. We all make mistakes and “Dwell” focuses on a broken relationship, loaded with wrath as it chugs and lurches through an off kilter downtempo Hardcore groove. Once again changing up the gears for a higher energy start “Coward” dives headlong into the vicious lyrics with some Suicidal Tendencies leanings while name checking the EP in its final crescendo. An introduction to DIY Hardcore Punk as much as one to Ripped Away, you’d have expect them to bust out a Poison Idea cover live [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Turncoat
  2. Habit
  3. Dwell
  4. Coward

Lessons Through Pain” EP by Ripped Away is out now and available over at bandcamp

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