Review: “Self Titled” by DeadRise

As the World turns we face our darkest hour but true darkness is what you don’t see… What’s behind the mask?“… Southern California Theatricore quartet DeadRise started out at the end of 2019 recording and releasing their self titled EP a year later while capturing out attention with the music video for “As The Crow Flies“, the theatrical aspect reminding very much of favourites Ice Nine Kills.

87 second introduction piece “The Doctor Will See You Now” is a well worked atmosphere builder designed for a live show with the chant “The dead will rise” brining fist pumping attitude from beneath spoken word. While “Slipping Away” perhaps doesn’t capitalise on that moment as much is it could because it’s not as furious or urgent as it could be, it’s still a solid commercial Metal track with meaty riffs, catchy hooks and a sing-a-long chorus that suits bigger stages. Similarly “Close Your Eyes” sits in the same space as it’s predecessor, but crutially brings a solo with flavours of old school Avenged Sevenfold about to elevate it, while the fist pumping call of “Welcome To Hell” is a stand out moment. Changing gear with “Stubborn Heart” which is a solo Emo track spoiled by a couple of cringe worthy and needless rap moments that might appeal to Hollywood Undead fans and an electronic distortion ‘burn’, it might be one that grows on you with multiple listens. It certainly has enough going for it to make for a solid cut, it’s just the experimentation that lets it down. “As The Crow Flies” builds upon the foundations of the earlier tracks with a previously unheard gutteral low moment showing what might become in the future. It’s interweaving story with that of the story of Brandon Lee’s The Crow, including the spoken word is a nostalgic touch that works well before “The One” comes in swinging. A lyrical split personality of a track playing on the Jekal and Hyde of a relationship where the protagonist loves and hates at the same time in equal measure, it makes for an amusing listen. All in all, a good place to start [6/10]

Track listing

  1. The Doctor Will See You Now
  2. Slipping Away
  3. Close Your Eyes
  4. Stubborn Heart
  5. As The Crow Flies
  6. The One

Self Titled” by DeadRise is out now

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