Review: “Self Titled” by Impurity

Hailing from Portland Oregon, Impurity is the Metallic Hardcore solo project multi instrumentalist of Austin Jungwirth (vocals, guitars, bass, drums) who had help from Alex Christian at Interwar studios. Christian layed down some additional percussive work while fulfilling his role of recording, mixing and mastering Impurity’s debut self titled release. Like so many solo projects we’re hoping that this gets fleshed out into a full band because after hearing “Letter Opener” prior to the review, it’s one for the Mosh pit!

The Pacific Northwest has given us a few noteworthy bands over the years, Toxic Holocaust, Poison Idea and Red Fang to name but three and with five tracks less averaging just two and a half minutes in running time, Impurity are going to need a few more cuts before they can take the stage. A classic Beatdown Hardcore opening cut in “13” delivers cannon fodder to the Mosh pit with well executed tempo shifts within its mid tempo chug of a prize fighter getting warmed up. The vocal layering grabs the attention immediately, a caustic underpinning backing vocal of shriller tones bolstering the main barked attack. “Aim To Kill” blends genres, coming out of the gate heavier with blast beats and a Black Metal atmospheric asthetic for the first verse before stage diving back into the pummelling Hardcore groove. It’s hard to tell if the scratches in the turn around are done with guitar, turntable or whatever but they’re an interesting touch. Genre shifting once more with the Death Metal inspired opening to “Inhuman Sickness” before it rises up into an Integrity inspired slower Hardcore groove is another well worked move that suggests that there could be a lot more variety in future Impurity records. The aforementioned “Letter Opener” looks to break the cycle with a Biohazard esq vocal styling and early 90s Metallic Hardcore sound that has to be heard. Slowing down progressively offers a new dimension while the caustic lyrics suggest that the title is a play on the words “Open Letter“. The stylings of the single continue into “Por Vida“, which has a down for life message within it that resonates over some solid breakdowns. What was that line Olivier Twist used? “Please Sir. I want some more” [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. 13
  2. Aim To Kill
  3. Inhuman Sickness
  4. Letter Opener
  5. Por Vida

Self Titled” by Impurity is out now and available over at bandcamp

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