Review: “Transmission III” by Enigmatical

The third and final chapter in the “Transmission” saga sees duo The Entity (Guitars, bass, keyboards, samples, programming) joined by The Voice for another Cosmic Black Metal Industrialism from Stockholm, Sweden. An undercurrent of science fiction soundscapes that augment the lyrical concept that takes us on a journey through a dark multiverse from the perspective of interdimensional entities, dwelling within the dark energy among us. Welcome to the World of Enigmatical.

The second in a trilogy offered a more riff-heavy affair than the opening chapter and this third installment promises more urgency and aggression in the accompanying quotes from the duo with each part clocking up an average of 15 minutes across a trio of cuts and this continuing that trend. Throat shredding unclean vocals lead the way but in a twist on the usual Black Metal style there are some fist pumping gang chanted moments and even a couple of almost choral clean backing vocal moments on “Cosmic Domination“. Sonically sounding like a Rammstein demo with programmed drums and powerful synths, it’s a fine way to start this final chapter and continues where part II left off neatly. That gang chant element is again used in “Wormhole” to fine affect with the battery acid caustic synths giving everything a raw and primitive feel akin to early 90’s industrial acts while also having that early 90’s video game quality. You can imagine playing classic games like Quake to this soundtrack, blasting away enemies to the cold bleak soundscape while roaring along with the vicious vocals. New vocal lows are found with “Call From The Void” which plays off an ear splitting shriller voice against a gravelly low one in the background, making great use of vocal layering. The intensity is there for all to hear with the music forming one cohesive thump of driving dark energy as it rages [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Cosmic Domination
  2. Wormhole
  3. Call From The Void

Transmission III” by Enigmatical is out now and available over at bandcamp

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