Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! From The Sky.

Not knowing who they were, we were introduced to Canadian Progressive Metallers Protest The Hero in the best possible way, as a support act at a live show as they toured Europe in support of debut album “Kezia” something like fifteen years ago. We were hooked by the concept album that tells the tale of the sentencing and eventually execution of a young girl and since then the band have gone from strength to strength with their latest offering “Palimpsest” being an absolute peach. So today we’ve picked a pair of covers of “From The Sky” from the record in our weekly head to head.

Normally we wouldn’t do this but, we’re going to make an exception and pit a mere vocal cover a from Tiberius vocalist Grant Barclay in the Red Corner against a full band cover featuring the vocal talents of Monuments frontman Andy Cizek in the Blue Corner. It should really be full band vs full band or vocalist vs vocalist but do you know what?! We make the rules! Anyway, the pair of vocalists are impressive in their own right and the Cizek version cuts the original pretty close. So who wins? You decide!

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