NEWS: As We Suffer premier second single!

A second single from the upcoming April debut album from Ottawa’s As We Suffer has surfaced entitled “Invade The Host“. A concept album, “The Fallen Pillars” revolves around the pillars of truth. Each song deals with destructive concepts and beliefs that we, as a society and as people, should not prop up as truths. It is a journey of unhealthy and damaging thoughts or emotions that explore existentialism, politics, religious fanaticism and truth through different styles of heavy music.

The band comments: “This track feels like Propagandhi gone metal. It’s a heavy and briskly paced track with a melodic chorus. It also features one of the best breakdowns on the album that hits right in the feels. Lyrically, it’s about the tendency for societies to take over others through tyranny, then the uprising of the disenfranchised takes over and they themselves become tyrannical. All the while, God is pulling the strings.”

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