NEWS: Everture seek closure?

How many singles do you need before an album? Finnish modern melodic metal band Everture have decided that four is their magic number and the quintet have released a music video for “Closure” today. The album itself is entitled “Emerge” and is due to surface on 19th Marc 2021 via Inverse Records.

Guitarist Matti Hautakangas comments: “Closure is an instant boost to the listeners day. Be it shining or raining, you’d want to hear it from the radio. The upbeat rhythm makes the song perfect for a party or an exercise. Having it’s breathers and full blasting parts, Closure is a one a listener can give their one hundred percent! And that is also what the people did who participated in making the music video of Closure. A big thanks!
The lyrics tell an aftermath where so much has been experienced and you need some kind of closure. This makes the song a perfect fit for the closing song of the Emerge album. It’s the understanding of things in the end of all that has happened. It’s about the fact that from the chaos we undergo, beautiful things are born but nothing will ever be perfect. And eventually all things must end and still you can be okay with that.”

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