NEWS: Incarnation have their finger on the pulse?

I has been five years since their 2016 album “Catharsis” so Hamburg Germany Blackened Death Metallers Incarnation have gone forth and inked in blood “Empiricism“, a new EP with a re-tooled line up and a raw sound for a new age. A second music video has been offered up in “Chthonic Pulse” from the ordeal, available for pre-order over at bandcamp and set for 14th April, for your viewing pleasure.

The band comment: “The concept of Empiricism deals with our personal journey towards the inevitable and all therein that may be explored. A catalyst from the depths of the subconsciousness. Through conquest and manifestation of the mind inside a dying vessel, we want to strengthen the passion and willpower in the here and now.It is a monumental Fragment that reflects our pilgrimage into the nucleus of our individual existence. Liberate. Transmutate. Remanifest”

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