Playthrough: “Catalyst” from Maitreya!

Whitby, Ontario Progressive Metalcore collective Maitreya have shared a full guitar playthrough video for their new single “Catalyst“, which serves as the precursor for their summer releasing album “Hyper Reels“. By the time the album drops it will have been four long years since their self titled album however with the theme beind 2019 stand alone space odyssey single “Colonize” set to continue on 26th February with a second single “Departed“, it’s going to be a long ride in. You can get both singles here.

The band comment: “Departed is the most complex and exploratory song on the record. It showcases an evolving and progressive song structure illustrating the band’s signature bag of tricks; frenetic riffs, operatic layered vocals, crushing breakdowns, dense textures. Lyrically the song borrows concepts from AI fiction (Westworld, The Matrix and Blade Runner) that explore the nature of consciousness, intelligence and reincarnation.”

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