Review: “Waste” by Earth Groans

The second of two EPs released by South Dakota Metallic Hardcore crew Earth Groans in 2020 via Solid State Records, “Waste” is the follow up to “Prettiest Of Things“, a record that offered a new something to their previous sound with a little bit of experimentation. Formed in 2015 by Jeremy Schaeffer, Zachariah Mayfield, Kaden Burton and Bandy Mueller, this is their fourth in all and while the first one was said to be softer, this one is said to be more brutal.

It doesn’t really get more brutal than getting Impending Doom vocalist Brook Reeves to make a guest appearance on your EP and with “Abandoned” Earth Groans turn everything up to 10 for Metallic Hardcore abrasions with polyrhythmic moments that lean on Mathcore influences. Juddering moments shake the ground with some pre-Deathcore moments before Reeves brings the thunder and while what he offers is short, it’s sickeningly sweet. Keeping the stylings firmly in place “Ghosts” also adds in a clean vocal passage but doesn’t let it drown out the onslaught of stomach churning riffs that call you to the Mosh pit. These songs are aching to be heard live each one having a spine tingling urgency about it. “Unchain” brings the best percussive performance to the table with some huge fills while the off kilter riffs have that spine juddering quality with some DJent moments thrown in for good measure. “Shatter” sees that trend continue with some distinctive Josh Travis (Emmure, Glass Cloud) influence in there. The vocals are pure fire with a couple of interesting change downs that we haven’t necessarily heard before but add more texture, weight and gravity to the lyrics. So it more brutal? It’s certainly heavier and with closer “Come Down” they push the envelope that bit further with some rampant haunting lead glimpses that break out of the pummelling grooves and that final third breakdown section is killer [8/10]

Track listings

  1. Abandoned (ft. Brook Reeves of Impending Doom)
  2. Ghost
  3. Unchain
  4. Shatter
  5. Come Down

Waste” by Earth Groans is out now via Solid State Records.

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