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Review: “Tongue Tied” by Earth Groans

South Dakota Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Earth Groans have been treading the boards and embracing the EP format for the past six years churning out short bursts of energy since 2017 via Solid State Records. 2018’s “Rahab” put them on our radar and we haven’t looked back since, joining their devout fan base and enjoying 2018’s

Playthrough: “Overgrown” from Earth Groans!

Another one take vocal performance from Jeremy Schaeffer conjoined to a lyric video has been offered up by Earth Groans in support of their recently released EP “Tongue Tied” has surfaced via their label home Solid State Records. A metaphor for people finding their voice as well as a statement of fact as Schaeffer himself

Interview: Earth Groans talk “Tongue Tied” with Heavy New York!

Having embraced the EP format as their own South Dakota Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Earth Groans have been dropping them with alarming regularity. Frontman and multi instrumentalist Jeremy Schaeffer took a break from his regular duties to speak to Heavy New York about the bands latest offering “Tongue Tied” as well as the format, lyrical process

NEWS: Earth Groans remain Tongue Tied?

A week after the release of their latest EP “Tongue Tied“, the vision of frontman Jeremy Schaeffer about a person finding his or her voice, South Dakota Metallic Hardcore heavyweights Earth Groans have premiered a lyric video and one take vocal performance of the title track. The five track affair is available via Solid State

NEWS: Earth Groans cut through the urban jungle!

Continuing to churn out the EPs with alarming regularity are South Dakota Metalcore merchants Earth Groans who have seen Solid State Records announce number #6 for 3rd March in “Tongue Tied“. That news comes with an obligatory single in “Overgrown“, itself accompanied by a high quality video from John Fleischmann Media while there is no

NEWS: Earth Groans get wet…

…Just like the famous line, ‘water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink‘, in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner‘, water is around us but is often not clean or safe enough to drink. South Dakota Hardcore quartet Earth Groans landed another EP in “The Body” just last weekend and have shared

NEWS: Earth Groans like a drink…

“Obsession rules me, I’m yours from the start, I know you see me, our eyes interlock, ‘Cause you come from out of nowhere oh oh, My glance turns to a stare” As EP “Rahab” celebrates its 3rd anniversary this month, 3rd September will see a new EP from South Dakota Metallic Hardcore crew Earth Groans

Review: “Waste” by Earth Groans

The second of two EPs released by South Dakota Metallic Hardcore crew Earth Groans in 2020 via Solid State Records, “Waste” is the follow up to “Prettiest Of Things“, a record that offered a new something to their previous sound with a little bit of experimentation. Formed in 2015 by Jeremy Schaeffer, Zachariah Mayfield, Kaden

NEWS: Earth Groans love the “Allure”!

That classic live footage splice with the album version over the top is the way that the simply brutal makers of Aggressive Music for Passionate People that are Earth Groans have gone with their video for “Allure”. The song comes from the South Dakota Metallers EP “Rahab” that is still a regular on our playlist.

Interview: Earth Groans talk Dream Tour Line-Ups!

Recorded outside Beat Kitchen in Chicago, Illinois in this latest entry in the “Dream Tour” series from Digital Tour Bus, Earth Groans talk about their…. Yeah. Check out our review of their current EP “Rahab” and if you haven’t already, give it a whirl, it’s awesome! While we’re at it, here’s a live cut of “Heathen Heart”