Riff Police! Pull Over! #145: KoRn Vs Death Blooms!

The Nu-Metal influence on Liverpool quartet Death Blooms has been obvious from the moment we first heard them and being named after one of the genres finest moments in a song from the debut album from Mudvayne only serves to pay tribute to that. The third EP of their career is on the horizon and following last year’s blistering singles “Life Is Pain” and “Anger“, the time is right for them to take the gloves off and deliver something worthy of bare knuckle boxing match. The EP is called “F*** Everything” and judging by the trio of cuts we’ve now heard, it’s going to be a ripper. That title track however is why we’re here as the riff from guitarist Jack Ormond-Prout owes something to KoRn. Back in 1999 their fourth studio album “Issues” saw some of the fun of “Follow The Leader” fall away as the Bakersfield California Nu-Metal giants got serious and the cut in question is “Falling Away From Me“. The Nu-Riff is far enough away to be subliminally influenced but you can judge for yourself…

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