NEWS: Bled Out debut “Rot” from “Pain Codex”!

Social deception, The cowardice condemn the weak, Vilification, Handed down by hypocrites, Treason, Double cross for any reason, Driven by acknowledgment, Self titled clemency, Belittle for achievement, Allies turned to enemies, You’re no god, Dog eat dog, Trust no one, Renegade, What lies you’ve weaved, What… A… Dog shot

Back in April 2020 female fronted Brisbane, Australian Metallic Hardcore quartet Bled Out announced themselves with one they like to call “Dog Shot” and now that the living room circle pit has ended and the dust settled, they’ve been back into the studio and completed their debut EP “Pain Codex“. You can snap that up here but if you’re unfamiliar, just push play on single “Rot“. You know you want to…

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