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Review: “Pain Codex” by Bled Out

What do you do when you’re a drummer light and about to record an EP? You get the multi-instrumentalist who you’ve hired to record and mix the EP to play them! So falling on their feet, Brisbane, Australian Metallic Hardcore act Bled Out asked the legendary Brendan Auld (Snorlax, Descent, Feculent) to do just that

NEWS: Bled Out debut “Rot” from “Pain Codex”!

“Social deception, The cowardice condemn the weak, Vilification, Handed down by hypocrites, Treason, Double cross for any reason, Driven by acknowledgment, Self titled clemency, Belittle for achievement, Allies turned to enemies, You’re no god, Dog eat dog, Trust no one, Renegade, What lies you’ve weaved, What… A… Dog shot” Back in April 2020 female fronted