NEWS: Vatican sign with UNFD, unveil “Become A New God”!

Replacing a vocalist is never a straightforward task especially as they’re often seen as the focal point of any band, especially after a release that gets plenty of attention and praise. But for Savannah’s Vatican, it was a necessary evil after 2019’s full-length “Sole Impulse” especially as major label UNFD (Stray From The Path, Void Of Vision, ERRA) were waiting in the wings. The four remaining members chose Mike Sugars and have roared out of the gate like Lion with the new double-single “Become A New God”, which features “Absolute Reality” and “Fractured God”, the later of which has been given the full Eric Richter Directed and Edited music video treatment as they have now got their deal. Both tracks see the band cutting influences in DJent and Hardcore with insightful lyrics on the complexity of the human experience…

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