Throwback: “Dibace” by Anzeria!

Inspired by Ottoman and Egyptian music, guitarist Mehmet Erkut Atay from Istanbul Turkey based Symphonic Metallers Anzeria wrote and arranged “Dibace” in 2013, one of a the final songs the band released before going on hiatus. Returning in 2020 and taking their time, the core of the band rounded out by female vocalist Damla Kayıhan and guitarist Çağrı Çarhacıoğlu recorded and released “Holy Defy” back in February and it’s perfectly balanced on a knife edge with some impressive riffs…

Damla from Anzeria comments: “We created Dibace like a soundtrack as the stage intro song of the band for live performances. As a word, it means ‘the beginning’. We are also planning to rearrange the song with lyrics this time. The melodies of this song were born just from the memories of our geography.

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