Throwback: “From Here I Can See The Shore” from Dead Man In Reno!

Back when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth in 2003 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States was where Dead Man In Reno formed and taking every opportunity, the quintet were eventually found by Candlelight Records and recorded their debut self titled album with Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist) in 2006. A personal favourite, it sits between Metalcore and Death Metal in style with stand out tracks “From Here I Can See The Shore” and “Lovestainedrazorblades” getting our attention off the back of the Metalcore scene at the time before a second record in “Ideology” surfaced in 2011. There are plenty of bands who have the talent and the material but don’t get that one moment when they really get discovered and have that opportunity to make their mark and these guys were one of those bands. Still a brilliantly effective record which is great for blowing the cobwebs off on a Monday morning.

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