NEWS: Bloodbeat go surgical with “No Control”…

The Process Of Extinction began with “Rigor Mortis” last month for German Death Thrash collective Bloodbeat. That will be the title of their first recorded works since 2016 which is set for 18th June for release via Inverse Records with second single “No Control” perhaps allowing for one more little ditty before the jig is up and the beast is allowed to wonder from its cage. As if there was no other place, pre-orders are available over at bandcamp

Song description by vocalist and guitarist Jason Kuhn: “The song “No Control” is about the Nazis’ megalomania and inhuman body experiments. The scenario describes the devil’s cruelty in Auschwitz. The perverse human experiments became a kind of addiction. They always wanted to try more and more. The mental and physical control of the Nazis in Auschwitz disappeared. The lyrics describe that many autopsies were shown publicly while the person was still alive. Brains were exchanged, the heart was operated into another body and amputations were performed while the body was still alive. The song is not meant to glorify anything. It is meant to be a reminder of the cruelty so we don’t forget. The lyrics describe what really happened and the hatred that always remains in our minds.”

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