NEWS: GOST promises “Rites of Love and Reverence”!

Bejeweled by work created by celebrated doyen of macabre art Nona Limmen, Friday 13th August will see Century Media lift the veil on the sixth album from GOST entitled “Rites of Love and Reverence”, a second major label release from an Industrial Metal project that offers post-synthwave exploits in kaleidoscopic technicolor, delivering all the glass-shattering grit, incisive melodic melancholy and tripped-out, electronic fervour. Renowned as a potent and idiosyncratic live act and having shared stages with Power Trip, The Black Dahlia Murder and even Pig Destroyer, it seems no stage is too large or limelight too bright for the lord of darkness as he returns with “Coven“.

GOST about the song and video that he created himself: “‘Coven’ is a piece which seemed to write itself, flowing almost effortlessly from some unexplainable source.  This song is told from the perspective of a persecuted witch who is proud of her coven and will die before she betrays her sisters.  In memory of the many victims throughout history, by which mere accusations of witchcraft condemned the innocent to death.”

“The lyrics were inspired by witchcraft themes,” says GOST. “It’s mainly about how witchcraft has affected women throughout history. Witch trials and the subsequent executions throughout the ages terrify me. I fear, as a society, we are always on the verge of such horrible psychosis based on the misunderstanding and intolerance of one another. I try to educate myself on any historical subject I use as an influence, out of respect for the real people who actually lived through it.”

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