NEWS: Kill The Imposter call out the cowards…

The violence continues for Florida Deathcore unit Kill The Imposter as they share a music video for “Unfit Coward” which sees Taylor Barber of Atlanta Georgia’s own Left To Suffer. Lyrically the song is based on a real story and is about people who talk shit publicly, but apologize privately and marks the sole guest appearance on the bands 23 minute wrecking ball of an album “The Violence Sessions” that was uncaged last month.


Vocalist Johnny Nobody comments: “It definitely doesn’t come from anywhere happy. However, at the same time, I’d like to think I can inspire people to do better through my bad experiences. I know that sounds weird but “The Tommy Hewitt Diaries’ is all about vengeance on someone that commits child abuse. Almost a ‘what the f@#$ do you think created Leatherface?’.”

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