NEWS: Noutaja hit the ground running with “Born Unto Hawthorns”!

Taking their name from the Finnish for “The Grim Reaper“, Noutaja are a quartet of seasoned musicians hungry to once again ride as the four horsemen of the Death Metal apocalypse. They have inked a deal in blood with Inverse Records for a debut EP to be released in the autumn of 2021 and in the meantime have premiered their first single in “Born Unto Hawthorns” that shows them in black and white in their rehearsal space surrounded by the artwork of Motorhead and The Rolling Stones

Bassist Pekka Johansson backgrounds the single: “All I had to do was throw out the idea that we should probably play some death metal. The band was immediately there and working from day one! It really felt like we were like 15 year old dudes making music that is larger than life. The vibes were packed with energy and I feel we captured that on the record. Born onto Hawthorns was a logical choice as the first single because it was also the first song we ever wrote together. No holds barred from the first riff on, which incidentally was the first Noutaja riff ever played! You don’t have to be a super genius to hear some of the influences being channelled from our hands to your home speakers! This is the real thing. Out of love towards the game.”
And the band comment: “We are not young, so everyone in the band has already done cool and successful stuff. Many of those things together in some formation on another in the last 15 years. We are not old either. But we are hungry to make music. We love 90’s Death Metal and we want to make music that we feel passionate about. What would you imagine we would sound like? We sound like every band you thought was good back in the day. Only better. Also we know that in life you get zero points for nostalgia. So now is good. Scars and all. We are Noutaja”

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