Bootleg: “66°50′N, 28°40′E” from Swallow The Sun!

Finnish Death Doom Metal masters Swallow The Sun have released another song cut from their anniversary celebrating live album “20 Years of Gloom, Beauty and Despair – Live in Helsinki” which will be released tomorrow via Century Media. The track of choice is “66°50′N, 28°40′E” with the Helsinki Finland show being just one of ten that the band were able to complete before their European and US tour plans came crashing down around their ears.


We were supposed to play anniversary shows in Europe and North America,” vocalist Mikko Kotamäki recalls. “We started our European tour in Finland in February 2020 and played 10 gigs. Everything got canceled two weeks after that. Luckily, we filmed and recorded our gig in Helsinki. Now, everyone can see it. At the time, we didn’t know the footage or recordings would be used for this purpose.

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