Bootleg: Machine Head at The Dynamo Open Air Festival in 1995!

Taking place annually in Holland since 1986 and named after The Dynamo rock club in Eindhoven, The Dynamo Open Air has always been one to see some bands deliver phenomenal performances. From the year that saw Max Cavalera’s Nailbomb have their set recorded and released entitled “Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide” by Roadrunner Records and also featured the likes of  Type O Negative, Fear Factory & Biohazard, here’s a full set from Machine Head at the event in 1995! It’s the bands “Burn My Eyes” set complete with a cover of “Hard Times” by Hardcore Punk legends Cro-Mags! Machine Head will be upon our shores next month for 10 “Evening With Machine Head” shows. Their new album “Catharsis” is out now via Nuclear Blast. Feel free to check out our review.

Set list

– Davidian
– A Thousand Lies
– The Rage to Overcome
– None but My Own
– The Frontlines
– Blood for Blood
– Old
– A Nation on Fire
– Hard Times (Cro-Mags cover ft. Bobby Hambel of Biohazard)
– Block

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