NEWS: GOST is “Bound By The Horror”!

After “Coven” and “A Fleeting Whisper” were given the full music video treatment ahead of the release of “Rites of Love and Reverence” the upcoming album from GOST a few weeks back, Century Media have given us the opportunity to preview another single from the album in “Bound By The Horror“. The album will drop on 13th August with a promise of more post-synthwave exploits in kaleidoscopic technicolor, delivering all the glass-shattering grit, incisive melodic melancholy and tripped-out, electronic fervour…

GOST comments: “’Bound by the Horror’ started the writing process for ‘Rites of Love and Reverence’.  I wanted a heavy baseline to really start things off for this record and ‘Bound by the Horror’ is the result.  ‘Bound by the Horror’ refers to how I started feeling boxed in creatively.  One of my favourites from the new album and a kind of goodbye to limiting expectations.”

“The lyrics were inspired by witchcraft themes,” says the man himself. “It’s mainly about how witchcraft has affected women throughout history. Witch trials and the subsequent executions throughout the ages terrify me. I fear, as a society, we are always on the verge of such horrible psychosis based on the misunderstanding and intolerance of one another. I try to educate myself on any historical subject I use as an influence, out of respect for the real people who actually lived through it.”

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