Review: “An Ethereal Force Beyond” by Evil-In

The inner thoughts of Iridescent Dune multi instrumentalist Charlie Murphy have been brought to life in a new solo project called Evil In, seen as outlet for his darkest visions and heaviest musical outpourings that simply wouldn’t fit with his other bands work. Combining Death and Thrash Metal in a debut EP “An Ethereal Force Beyond” which tells a gruesome tale of humanity possessed and brought to it’s knees by a nameless, ancient evil, this may not be one for the faint of heart…

…Raising the dead from their coffins with a raw Death infused Thrash attack, “An Ethereal Force Beyond” is an old school demo style EP that brings to mind the eighty’s nostalgia of tape trading in order to find music from bands so underground that you couldn’t get hold of their material without knowing the band themselves or going to a show. Having a lot in common with the “Empiricism” EP by Incarnation, “Macabre Deadly Friend” has all the infections riffs you could want with a raw mix that sees the drum and bass sound perhaps more prominent in the mix than intended but none the less shows a lot of promise thanks to its rampant energy and night slasher serial killer style. “Ravager” then flips the script, reliant on a stuccato main rhythm that bursts into flames with moments of Speed Metal around a tasteful solo. Vocally, Murphy has a similar style to Glynn Neve from Vesicarum, a very unique and raspy style that can be a little bit Marmite in places. Focused and furious while trapped in a nightmarish world of death and decay, it seems like the apocalypse is merely the beginning for Murphy [7/10]

Track List:

  1. Macabre Deadly Friend
  2. Ravager

An Ethereal Force Beyond” by Evil-In is out 1st July

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