Review: “Descent” by Moon Reaper

Hailing from Bristol, Moon Reaper have been ploughing the fields with seeds of Progressive Blackened Doom Metal since 2018 with works as dark as the Earth during a solar eclipse. Comprising Morgan Cradick (Vocals and Guitar), Aidan Rutter (Bass), Zack Esposito (Drums) and Noah Burns (Guitar), they wear at least some of their influences upon their sleeves having been pictured by paparazzi in garments of Conjurer, Pantera, Motorhead and The Drowning to name but a few while a February 2020 show in support of (OHHMS) remains their largest to date.

Intersplicing the DNA of multiple sub-genres of the Devilry that is Metal into a single harmonious entity is something we’ve seen more and more of in recent years as the shackles of genre have been shed like the chains of slaves in favour of freedom to create and with “Time Warper“, Moon Reaper set the bar for their debut EP incredibly high. Lyrically tearing at the fabric of the time space continuum with cosmic reflection, there are moments of DJent to accompany caustic Death Metal vocals from Cradick in a track that pushes the boundaries of Progressive Blackened Doom Metal to their absolute limits. “Spiritualism” lives in the world of the introspective lyrical theme, a far more personal cut with a bone crushingly heavy riff backbone that adds Downtempo Deathcore moments and an elongated Slam roar that will burst your ear drums, all while remaining distinctly the work of Moon Reaper. What’s impressive about this is that there is an accomplished quality to the EP as a whole that you wouldn’t expect from a new band, something that “Clockwork” drives home with brutal honesty with the slow death from mournful sorrows that you’d expect from a Doom Metal outfit but with far sharper edges, thanks to the dungeon floor dragging lows of the vocals and the cutting guitar work. Arguably the most progressive piece, it has all the atmosphere captured in the recording that lesser mortals struggle with, testament to the craft, skill and hours no doubt poured into making this as devine as it is. Both “Godeater” and “Necromancy” then take things up a notch and border on the epic with a couple of clean vocal passages of dull ache that and seamlessly blended into their surrounding shroud of darkness before breaking back into the Earth shatteringly heavy. Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled because Moon Reaper are one to watch, threatening to follow Conjurer on the bigger stages with this [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Time Warper
  2. Spiritualism
  3. Clockwork
  4. Godeater
  5. Necromancy

Descent” by Moon Reaper is out 30th July via

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