Review: “Pretty Ugly People” by Headspawn

For the past three decades a wealth of Metal bands have emerged onto the international scene from the Brazilian Northeast and Headspawn, a trio hailing from Paraiba want to follow suit. In pre-production for a debut album on the same day that their debut EP was released speaks volumes about the bands ambition as well as the current Global situation with the Groove Metal act playing on lyrical themes of schizophrenia, social degeneration and the chaotic national political scene. Produced, mixed and mastered by Victor Hugo Targino (Cangaco, Forahneo, Omago), Alf Cantalice (Vocals and Guitars), J.P. Cordeiro (Bass) and Marconi Jr. (Drums) should need no introduction next time around…

…The first thing that grabs you by the throat as “Satan Goss” kicks into life is how big the bass sound is for Headspawn. It almost becomes a second guitar, laying down funky grooves and an energetic solo leaving the drums as the sole rhythm instrument. Each player shines with virtuoso moments of their own, the tribal drum parts echoing Roy Mayorga or Iggor Cavalera at times. If the opening cut wasn’t enough of a pile driver then second cut “Worthless Piece Of S***” hammers home the nine inch nails into the coffin lid in some style with moments reminiscent of Motogrator and early Slipknot with diverse rhythmic gymnastics but also taking a moment to breathe with some oddly spaced clean vocal moments accompanied by almost Grunge like soundscape. The band almost becomes a Frankenstein’s Monster at some points, taking the best of both sides of an extreme Metal spectrum and stitching them together. Herein lies a problem. Bands have a tendency to have their extremes push out over their career and that exactly what you don’t want to happen with Headspawn because they have the balance perfect already. The song that tells the tale of a friend with schizophrenia “Voices“, rounds off a few of the sharper edges to deliver a cut that is the equivalent of a “Wait And Bleed” or a “Duality“, more refined than what they usually offer but perfectly weighted to deliver the message. It is perhaps a verse and chorus overlong but none the less puts down the guantlet and speaks volumes about what the Brazilian Groove Metal act are about. The dirge riff laden “Satellite” is the lesser of the four horsemen of the apocalypse that make up this first offering from the band, suffering from being placed after the impressive “Voices” and being lyrically sparse. An interesting dynamic for a first throw of the dice, we’re very much interested in what comes next [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Satan Goss
  2. Worthless Piece Of S***
  3. Voices
  4. Satellite

Pretty Ugly People” by Headspawn is out now

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