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Interview: Headspawn talk debut album!

Having given us debut EP “Pretty Ugly People” in both studio and live forms, Brazilian Metal outfit Headspawn have turned their attention to recording their debut album. Drum sessions are underway and subtitled in English Marconi Jr gives us the lowdown on how it’s going in this new interview. They have long played on lyrical

NEWS: Headspawn return with new live single!

A new single from Brazilian Metallers Headspawn has surfaced but not in the conventional sense. Recorded on 28th July live at Studio 202 in Teresina-Pl Brazil before being mixed and mastered the cut is called “Bought Into This World” and is their first since debut EP “Pretty Ugly People“, an EP which was also released

Bootleg: “Worthless Piece of S…” from Headspawn!

Continuing to unveil cuts from their sophomore EP “Pretty Ugly People Live” which is as the name suggests their full debut EP performed live at A2M Studio are Brazilian Metallers Headspawn. The latest from that is “Worthless Piece of Sh&@!” with only “Voices“, the bands first single and first music video left to accompany the

Bootleg: “Satan Goss” from Headspawn!

So highly is “Pretty Ugly People” thought of that Brazilian trio¬†Headspawn have recorded the whole damn thing live at A2MG Studio for our listening pleasure. From that they’ve shared “Satan Goss” to give you a flavour for it and perhaps some admiration for the mixing by Victor Hugo Targino. They like to call it a

NEWS: Headspawn break out the “Satellite”!

Now that single “Voices” has surpassed the 30k of YouTube streams milestone Paraiba Brazilians Headspawn have recorded their debut EP “Pretty Ugly People” in live form at Graved In Studio and shared the video for “Satellite” to get your attention. The Groove Metal act play on lyrical themes of schizophrenia, social degeneration and the chaotic

Review: “Pretty Ugly People” by Headspawn

For the past three decades a wealth of Metal bands have emerged onto the international scene from the Brazilian Northeast and Headspawn, a trio hailing from Paraiba want to follow suit. In pre-production for a debut album on the same day that their debut EP was released speaks volumes about the bands ambition as well